About Your Dog’s Massage Appointment

About your initial consultation

This is the meet and greet, where I will come to your home and meet you and your dog. You will tell me about your pet, and I can answer any questions you might have.

About your assessment appointment

This is the first visit following the initial consultation

I will come to your home and do a more formal intake and full assessment.  This visit we will focus particularly on the goals for and concerns about your dog.  It is a longer visit because your dog will also receive his/her first massage. I will ask you to set aside 90 minutes for this first meeting, so we will have the time to proceed comfortably.

I will follow up with a written summary of the visit sent to you after our meeting.

Before this visit, you will have called your vet to check that massage is suitable for your dog.  Most vets are happy to provide that clearance over the phone. Because I respect and abide by the Ethics of the Ontario Vet College, I will require this clearance before I proceed with massage for your dog.  I am always happy to contact your vet directly, if you would prefer. If you have applicable pet insurance, you will need a referral for massage from your vet. Please ask if you have any questions about that aspect.

About your follow up visits

Each visit, I come to your home, and you will update me on any changes.  I will proceed to give your pet the massage that best suits his or her needs.  I will send you, via email, a summary of each visit, with any follow up or clarifications of information.

Packages for multiple visits are available. Prices upon request.