About Your Tellington Ttouch Appointment

About your initial consultation

This is the meet and greet, where I come to your home. You will tell me about your pet, and I can answer any questions you might have. 

About your assessment appointment

This is the first visit following your initial consultation.

I will come to your home, and do a full intake interview, where you will talk to me about life with your pet. We will talk together about the pertinent issues you would like addressed.  I will take the time to observe your pet and get to know him or her. We will do some initial work, and we will discuss next steps. I ask you to set aside 90 minutes to 2 hours for this visit, so we are not rushed.  After the visit, I will provide you with a written summary of the assessment, which will have findings and proposed next steps.

About your follow up visits

Each follow up visit, I will come to your home. You will update me about how you and your pet are doing, and we will continue with the Ttouch work. After each visit, I will send you a brief written summary, any resource information, and clarifications of any work to be done between appointments, if warranted.

Packages for multiple visits are available. Prices upon request.