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Mobile Canine Care - Chirag Patel's Bucket Game

Information and videos about Chirag Patel’s Bucket Game, a game he developed to help dogs with self-regulation.

Mobile Canine Care offers canine massage and Tellington Ttouch services for your dog in the comfort of your home within the Greater Toronto Area.

Bucket Game

Click here for the link to a video where Chirag Patel, who developed the Bucket Game, gives an overview of the game. Chirag developed the Bucket Game for husbandry issues, as he says, but it can also help teach a dog to self regulate.

Learning the Bucket Game: Sequential steps

Click here for the link to the first video of a series that goes through each step of the Bucket Game.

There is nuance that can determine the level of success.

Book an appointment, and I will show you the details, and help with the issues that brought you to want to learn about the Bucket Game in the first place!

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