What is the 'Care' part of Mobile Canine Care?

In my practice, I provide professional, certified, expert massage and Tellington Ttouch services, certainly.  But I deliberately chose to include the word ‘Care’ in the name of my business. 

If you are interested to know why, read further...

I love animals. I love working with them, talking about them, learning more about them, learning from them, teaching them, hanging out with them.  And I love connecting with pet parents who care deeply about their animals.

My training and experience in canine therapeutic massage, used for physical maladies and general conditioning, in addition to my training and experience in Tellington Ttouch, which is excellent for helping mental and emotional imbalances, such as anxiety, rebalance to calm, means I can offer pets and their families a large range of options.

When Pet Parents Land in Unfamiliar Territory

But I am finding, so often, that when our pets present with a difficulty, be it in their physical health or in their behaviour, it can land pet parents into unfamiliar territory. So, adding to the challenges and the worry that come with a concerning, new issue is this additional worry of not knowing where to look for reliable answers, or even what questions to ask.

There are so many wonderful, skilled people out there who diagnose and treat. However, so many of them work from a business model that only allows for limited, often expensive, time within an appointment, in an environment that is so often so stressful for your pet.

So, there is not only the worry that comes when dealing with a beloved family pet’s medical or behaviour concern, pet parents are often overwhelmed by all the new and unfamiliar information.

The ‘Care’ in Mobile Canine Care

This is where the ‘Care’ comes into my practice.

When you hire me for my services, generally it is because there is an issue or issues of concern. 

While treating your pet, I will be giving them the full benefit of my expertise. 

But, in addition to that, I will also offer you the benefit of my knowledge and experience, to help you navigate through uncharted and often confusing territory. I will offer help and support in making informed choices in the care of your pet, if you feel that this support would be helpful to you. 

If you need me, I am here.

Wishing you all the best...