There are no currently no Ttouch days scheduled, but I’m working on it! There is a significant challenge in finding a suitable, affordable indoor space to hold events. If you have a suggestion you would like me to look into, please let me know by clicking here!

Another project I have in the works is a workshop for humans called “Making It Easy”, given by Ttouch International Instructor and Feldenkrais Practitioner Edie Jane Eaton. Click here for more information about what this workshop entails. If you would like to be kept informed about this workshop, put yourself on the mailing list. I will be sending out updates.

The "Deepen Your Connection" information series


 "An Introduction to Canine Massage and Tellington Ttouch"

Stay tuned for the next Mobile Canine Care Intro talk event in Toronto!


"Deepen Your Connection to your dog using Canine Massage and Tellington Ttouch"

Watch for the next Mobile Canine Care Consult Day in Toronto!

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