You are in the right place to find out about the Feldenkrais/Ttouch workshop in Toronto in January! While this is usually a website about dog care, you can find out about this workshop for people…


A two day workshop for humans only, to be held Jan 26 - 27, in Leslieville in Toronto.

This two day workshop, taught by Feldenkrais® Practitioner and Tellington Ttouch® International Instructor Edie Jane Eaton, will integrate elements of Feldenkrais® and Tellington Ttouch® for You, the version of Ttouch for humans.

The cost of the workshop:

If you register and pay in full by Dec 15, the workshop price will be $250 plus 13% HST .

After Dec 15, the price will be $295 plus 13% HST.

The workshops will run from 9:30 am to 5 pm each day, with an hour and a half off in the middle to get lunch.

A Note From Instructor Edie Jane:

You are welcome to contact me at if you wonder whether this workshop is appropriate for you and want more information about what to expect. General information is available here: ‘Making it Easy’

If you have particular concerns or interests you would like me to know about, please do email me. If you are coming not just for your own well-being, but also because you have someone in mind whom you would like to help, I’d like to know ahead of time. Both Feldenkrais and TTouch offer such a generous range of applications that we can vary the content to reflect your experience and interest. We have only a short time together and I want to be able to address as many of your questions or needs as possible.

We’ll be spending time on the floor and seated on chairs. We won’t be doing anything strenuous, so dress warmly in loose clothes that won’t restrict movement. It’s important that you be comfortable.

·          Bring a notebook and pen/pencil. You may not want to make notes, but I’d like you to have a way of recording what you notice during the workshop.

·          Bring something to lie on to soften the floor, such as a blanket or two. Yoga mats are a bit too narrow.

·          If you need pillows for your head, or for under your knees when lying on your back, please bring one, or two, or more.

·          It’s important to do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable – sit, stand, walk, lie down, nap – this is about taking it easy, after all!

The content of the day will be a mix of TTouch and Feldenkrais methods. Should you be unfamiliar with one or the other, you can find descriptions of them on my website:

I look forward to seeing you!

Edie Jane


The workshop will take place in the gallery behind the Barkside Bistro, the raw dog food emporium in east Toronto.