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Tellington Ttouch appointment info

About Tellington Ttouch

A way of working with animals, Tellington Ttouch aims to promote calmness and balance through the use of a variety of approaches.

Tellington Ttouch can be very helpful for pets with reactivity, fearfulness, and overall anxiety.

For dogs, I use:
Mindful touch, combined with different types groundwork (moving the dog through exercises using non habitual movements), making use of various types of equipment.
This work is all underscored with the key elements of observation, intent and responsiveness.

About your appointment

First Ttouch visit:

60+ mins

In this first visit, I will come to your home, and do an intake interview, where you will talk to me about life with your pet. We will talk together about the pertinent issues you would like addressed.  I will take the time to observe your pet and get to know him or her, we will do some work, and we will discuss next steps.

Subsequent Ttouch visits:

60+ mins                        $60

You will update me about how your pet is doing, and we will continue with the Ttouch work.

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Integrated Care

Massage and Ttouch can be combined in one visit, if you desire. 

Click here to watch a five minute video that shows how Tellington Ttouch was used to transform a shy, anxious dog into a happy fellow!


Click here to learn more about Tellington Ttouch.