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Mobile Canine Care - Tellington Ttouch

Learn about how Tellington Ttouch can help with dogs with various issues such as reactivity, anxiety, fearfulness by promoting emotional, mental and physical balance. It can also be very effective to help rescue dogs settle into their new homes.

Tellington Ttouch

Balanced, calm, confident.   Wondrous transformations from crippling anxiety.

 Dear, happy pup!

Dear, happy pup!



This is Odie. He was terribly distressed about having to live at the Toronto Humane Society. Ttouch helped him settle and calm. And he now has a home he can call his own.

As a Certified Tellington Ttouch® Practitioner, I combine the specific training I have in this modality with my extensive canine massage training in tailoring a plan for your pet that will bring him or her to their optimal state of healthy balance in both the physical and emotional realms.

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