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Mobile Canine Care - About Tellington Ttouch

Tellington Ttouch is a wonderful modality that can help balance your dog. A well-balanced dog is balanced emotionally, mentally and physically. By using Ttouch to reduce various emotional, mental and physical stresses, your dog can become more relaxed. A more balanced dog is able to learn better, behave better, interact better - all in all have a healthier life. Mobile Canine Care offers canine massage and Tellington Ttouch services for your dog in the comfort of your home within the Greater Toronto Area.

Tellington Ttouch

Balanced, calm, confident.   Wondrous transformations from crippling anxiety.  Cool tools you can use with your dog.

 Now a happy dog!

Now a happy dog!

This is Odie. He was terribly distressed about having to live at the Toronto Humane Society. Ttouch helped him settle and calm. And he now has a home he can call his own.

As a Certified Tellington Ttouch® Practitioner, I combine the specific training I have in this modality with my extensive canine massage training to tailor a plan for your pet that will bring him or her to their optimal state of healthy balance in the physical, mental and emotional realms.

Tellington Ttouch works well for dogs with any degree of anxiety issues.  It helps your pet learn to relax. As well, I will provide you with tools, things you can do with your dog to help with anxiety, that are easy to do, and tailored to fit your lifestyle and your pet's temperament.

About Tellington Ttouch

A way of working with animals, Tellington Ttouch aims to promote calmness and balance through the use of a variety of approaches.

Tellington Ttouch can be very helpful for pets with reactivity, fearfulness, and overall anxiety.

For dogs, I use:
Mindful touch, combined with different types groundwork (moving the dog through exercises using non habitual movements), making use of various types of equipment.
This work is all underscored with the key elements of observation, intent and responsiveness.