Mobile Canine Care

"Dogs are our link to paradise."  Milan Kundera

Canine Massage

Quiet, calm, peaceful. A key component for your pet's good health.


"...dogs are the most amazing creatures...they are the role models for being alive."  Gilda Radner

Tellington Ttouch

Balanced, calm, confident. 


For your beloved pet

Our dogs give us so much. At their best, they are happy when we are happy, concerned when we are sad, and love us unconditionally, even if we are not always at our best. Right with us every step of the way!

For some dogs, though, there may be things are getting in the way of them being their best and healthiest selves.

It may have been less than optimal beginnings, before they came into your life.  Perhaps your dog is a rescue, and is displaying some behaviours that are challenging .

It may be a health issue that is causing them pain and stress. They became injured, and could use some help with healing properly.

And then there are the normal, healthy, well balanced pets, for whom professional care provides support for continued good health.

Canine Massage and Tellington Ttouch

I have trained extensively in these two modalities because they give me the wide range of tools I have at my fingertips with which to provide expert care for your pet. I use massage and Ttouch both separately and together, depending on what is best in each instance.

Canine Massage provides therapeutic benefits to dogs in the same way it does for humans.  Working on a physiological level, not only is it calming and relaxing and feels great, it is an excellent tool for achieving and maintaining optimal health for any dog in any condition at any stage of life.

Tellington Ttouch (yep, there are two Ts in Ttouch!) provides another set of tools that supports healthy balance. While it has benefits from a physiological standpoint, Ttouch also promotes and supports optimal mental and emotional health.  

For those loving companions who give us so much, the gift of professional touch is something we can give back.

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