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Mobile Canine Care - Quarter Wrap

Information and a video about how to put on the Tellington Ttouch quarter wrap, used for helping calm anxious dogs. Also good for reactive dogs and dogs that are easily highly aroused. It has also been used to good effect for dogs with separation anxiety and/or dogs with noise sensitivity to thunderstorms, for example.

Mobile Canine Care offers canine massage and Tellington Ttouch services for your dog in the comfort of your home within the Greater Toronto Area.

Tellington Ttouch Quarter Wrap

Click here for the video of Robyn Hood, the head of Tellington Ttouch in Canada, and a lead International Instructor, showing how to put on a quarter wrap.  For the half wrap, wind the wrap around your dog's midsection one more time.

Book an appointment, and we can work together to address your dog's issues that brought to you wanting to learn about the Wrap.

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