Board Certified Canine Massage Practitioner

Tellington Ttouch® Practitioner

How I was led to working with dogs  

I was led to working with dogs by a dog...My 'firstborn', a rescue (actually, a foundling) named Toby - that’s his picture at the top of the page - was my first dog teacher.  Together, we explored so much!  Challenges, adventures, successes. He was a handful when he first arrived in my life! Because of him, I read my first dog training book: How to Survive Your Dog’s Adolescence, by Carol Lea Benjamin…

It was in this life journey that he and I took together where I began to understand more about the power of ‘hands on’ work, both as pure therapeutic massage, as well as within the tenets of Tellington Ttouch®.

This power of touch and these principles of movement and awareness, combined with knowledge, understanding, openness and intention, provides support for all the facets - physical, mental, emotional - of perfect health.  

Why I love working with dogs and their people

I love working with dogs and their families! Often, the issues that bring people and dogs to me, be it because of health or behaviour (or both - as these aspects are so often intertwined), begins a dialogue that opens a door to a whole intricate and stunningly beautiful world for all involved to explore.

Dogs have so much to offer, and so much to teach us - about themselves, about ourselves, about living their best life, whatever their, and our, circumstances.

We just have to listen...

My training 

With my extensive training in Canine Massage, principally at the Chicago School of Canine Massage, augmented by my NBCAAM Board Certification in Canine Massage, and as a Tellington Ttouch® Companion Animal Practitioner, I offer pets and their families the comfort and kindness of this professional touch, combined with some very practical tools that enhance and enrich quality of life, all in the comfort of the home environment.

I am grateful to be able to use these tools to profound effect on many of the animals - mostly dogs - who are at the Toronto Humane Society, where I volunteer.

About EduCanine

What excites me about EduCanine?

It is a reliable source of excellent information for pet parents about their dogs.  This is so important, because there is such a glut of information and, particularly, misinformation, available everywhere.  EduCanine is creating a place where pet parents can be assured that they will be getting the very best information and instruction.