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Practitioner Bev Spotton, BCCMP, CTTP

Information about Practitioner Bev Spotton, Certified Canine Massage Practitioner; Board Certified Canine Massage Practitioner, Certified Tellington Ttouch Companion Animal Practitioner, member NBCAAM, member IAAMB, member Tellington Ttouch Guild. Fully insured. Mobile Canine Care offers canine massage and Tellington Ttouch services for your dog in the comfort of your home within the Greater Toronto Area.

Practitioner Bev Spotton, NBCCMP, TTCP

As a Nationally Board Certified Canine Massage Practitioner, I offer therapeutic massage therapy for your dog in the comfort of your own home. You can learn more about NBCAAM at their website here.

Canine Massage works for dogs the same as it does for humans: to support optimum health and quality of life, and is especially useful for older dogs, post-surgical dogs, athletic dogs, puppies - really, it is a fabulous complementary modality for any dog!

I offer stand alone massage treatments, but I am also a Certified Tellington Ttouch® Practitioner. Tellington Ttouch is a wonderful modality that helps bring dogs into balance emotionally, mentally and physically.  It is especially helpful for dogs with anxiety, reactivity, fearfulness.  An especially valuable tool for rescues dogs and their new families.

I have always marveled at the power of touch.  

As a Tellington Ttouch® Companion Animal Practitioner, and with my extensive canine massage training, principally at the Chicago School of Canine Massage, augmented by my NBCAAM Board Certification in Canine Massage, I can offer animals this comfort and kindness, together with some very practical tools to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

I am also grateful to be able to use these tools to profound effect on many of the animals - the dogs, cats, bunnies and guinea pigs - at the Toronto Humane Society, where I am a volunteer.

I look forward to getting to know you and your pet!

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About Canine Massage

Canine Massage works for dogs the same way therapeutic massage works for humans.  It can invigorate, relax, aid healing, help with anxiety and assist in maintaining overall health.

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About Tellington Ttouch

A way of working with animals, Tellington Ttouch® aims to promote calmness and balance through the use of a variety of approaches.

Tellington Ttouch is terrific for pets with reactivity, fearfulness, and overall anxiety.