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Canine Massage

This is a retired racing greyhound named Link. Regular maintenance massages helps keep him serene and fit.

Canine Massage

Canine massage therapy works for dogs the same way therapeutic massage works for humans.  It can invigorate, relax, aid healing, help with anxiety and is a key component to maintaining good overall health.

Massage therapy work affects all systems in the body.  When used for therapeutic purposes by a professional properly trained and certified in Canine Massage, massage provides support for the body to achieve and maintain the healthiest state possible.

Perfect at any stage of life, Canine Massage is one of the key tools for keeping your dog in top condition. And it is particularly good for specialized needs.

For dogs recovering from surgery, massage will aid in the healing of any traumatized tissues within the muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, integumentary, nervous and any other affected systems within the body.

For canine athletes, massage therapy is useful pre-event to warm up and to prime the system for an event. Post-event, canine massage aids in warming down, and helping to replenish the muscloskeletal system, providing a key support in injury prevention.

For older dogs, regular massage can be an important, useful and drug free tool that helps with pain relief and pain management, as well as assisting with maintaining mobility.

And for puppies, being massaged all over (even between their toes and inside their mouths!) is a fabulous addition to their all important socialization.