Tellington Ttouch Quarter Wrap

Click here for the video of Robyn Hood, the head of Tellington Ttouch in Canada, and a Senior International Instructor, showing how to put on a quarter wrap.  For the half wrap, wind the wrap around your dog's midsection one more time.

In Ttouch, we often use the wrap as one of the tools in our toolbox to help a dog contain and calm themselves.  Using a simple tensor type bandage (the regular kind, not the self-adhesive type), wrapped around the dog's body with enough tension to give information, but not too tight to restrict movement or blood flow, this piece of equipment gives the dog's body information that can be quite remarkably useful in changing the dog's experience.  

I understand that the Ttouch wrap was the inspiration for the popular Thundershirt

If you would like to book an appointment, we can work together to address your dog's issues that brought to you wanting to learn about the Wrap.